Tuesday, June 20, 2017

mass moca

a few weeks ago i had time to visit one of my favorite local spots, the massachusetts museum of contemporary art (or mass moca, as us ~cools~ call it). it's less than two hours away from where i grew up so it was probably my first big exposure to art, and so i hold it very close to me. this past year i was able to get a season pass, but i usually end up going alone because i don't have many friends around here, and the one i do have are busy. i don't mind doing things alone, but mass moca is one big photo opportunity so i have secretly yearned for some sick selfies. luckily, this time, i was able to bring my instagram boyfriend!!! and so i give you, my personally long-awaited shots:

specifically, sol lewitt's wall drawings are my most vivid memories, and they'll remain on show for at least another decade. if i had a baby i would take pictures of it growing with my favorite wall drawing!!!! alas... not a good enough reason to have a baby.

hiya, buds!

for those of you just tuning in, my name is kaylyn! also known as leptocephalus [lep-TOE-seph-a-luss] or baby eel. i'm 24, queer, and moving back to florida after spending the past semester in my home of saratoga county, ny. i've been working for theme parks the entire time i've lived in florida, because i'm addicted to pixie dust and low wages 😍.

i've decided to resurrect this blog because i keep trying to find new methods of self expression but none of them feel right. making videos is fun, but i'm too much of a perfectionist to put them out with enough frequency to really gain/sustain a following! instagram is great, but aesthetic prevails over captions, and i don't want word vomit clogging up anyone's feed! twitter is mostly for snarky comments, tumblr is basically a defunct meme zone... basically, a real blog seems like the best solution (even though i've tried it twice and never stuck with it).

i don't want to promise you a steady stream of content, and i can't really tell you what it's going to be about! surely, my time spent at theme parks, but i'll probably dabble in ootd posts and home decor. did i mention i haven't found somewhere to live yet? everything is going to be fine!!!! haha!!!! i'm hoping to get one of my dogs back from my ex this month, so we'll be an adorable duo as we hit the mean streets of orlando looking for work and shelter.

as for my plans for the future: it's nearly july, which means it's NEARLY time to begin preparing for halloween! my twenty fifth birthday is in august, and i've rounded up a few folks to cross the country with me and go to disneyland for a few days, which i'm anticipating to be a raucous event. i'm super psyched for halloween horror nights this year, and am secretly hoping to score a place near universal simply for proximity to horror nights.

anyway, hope you enjoyed this little wrap up! catch u on the flip~

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

halloweening pt. 2

playing catch up as usual, but i figured i would post some cute photos from halloween itself! i dressed as myself, of course, and hannah had a witchy goth vibe going. we were pretty relaxed with our plans, but we heard that disney characters met at the disney resorts dressed in costumes, so we were determined to meet some of them! later, we found out that they only had two or three sets since they were bouncing around so much, so catching them was kind of difficult. also, i locked my keys in the car and had to call AAA so that also threw a wrench in our plans. but forget about that! look at this cool picture of us on magic kingdom's last day of halloween! which is halloween!