Friday, July 28, 2017

praying with diana

hey folks, have you heard kesha's new song "praying?" more importantly, have you seen sasha velour's performance to it? these two things are very important to the meat of this post so if you haven't experienced both, go do that. i'll wait.

the combo of these two things created an extremely emotional environment inside me and usually when that happens i have to push the feelings out. specifically, this song makes me feel so weak and so strong at the same time. it reminds me of my abusive partner, it reminds me of my sexual assault, it reminds me of my brother's death. it reminds me that i have fought and hurt and worn so close to the bone, and still survived. it makes me want to scream and bawl and explode.

i also really relate this song to some of my favorite mythical creatures, banshees. they're celtic creatures who appear as women and warn of the death of a family member, though they can also predict death. their screaming or wailing is referred to as keening, and i feel like i've been doing it for months. so i called up my favorite creative partner, diana kelly and asked if she would help me with this concept, and of course she agreed. this shoot is a combination of anger and sadness and healing and i hope you like it.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

d23 expo

two weeks ago i had the opportunity to attend the d23 expo for the first time! i vividly remember watching from afar as the 2015 expo happened and pining so i was feeling very hashtag blessed when i realized i was going to be able to go! one of my good friends andrew was able to find me a weekend pass and i kind of put myself in financial ruin (as usual) to buy a plane ticket IMMEDIATELY. we also kept it a surprise from one of my favorite california homies as a little extra bit of excitement.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

mass moca

a few weeks ago i had time to visit one of my favorite local spots, the massachusetts museum of contemporary art (or mass moca, as us ~cools~ call it). it's less than two hours away from where i grew up so it was probably my first big exposure to art, and so i hold it very close to me. this past year i was able to get a season pass, but i usually end up going alone because i don't have many friends around here, and the one i do have are busy. i don't mind doing things alone, but mass moca is one big photo opportunity so i have secretly yearned for some sick selfies. luckily, this time, i was able to bring my instagram boyfriend!!! and so i give you, my personally long-awaited shots:

specifically, sol lewitt's wall drawings are my most vivid memories, and they'll remain on show for at least another decade. if i had a baby i would take pictures of it growing with my favorite wall drawing!!!! alas... not a good enough reason to have a baby.