for valentine’s day this year, jake and i decided to have breakfast! jake makes breakfast at home for me a lot (we have a mickey waffle maker now that has changed my life) but we wanted someone else to do the work…. so we went to topolino’s terrace! it’s located in the new riviera resort at disney, and the views are gorgeous.

topolino serves breakfast and dinner, and breakfast has a prix-fixe menu so the guesswork is taken right out of it! the first thing that comes to the table is a bucket of pastries, which is desperately tried not to eat and failed miserably. i just love bread!!!! but i ordered the STEAK as my meal, and i was really trying to save room. jake got the sour cream waffle, which he devoured, so i guess it was good 😉

sorry for ugly steak picture it really should have been on a smaller plate!!!!!

but let me get to the best part: the characters. mickey, minnie, donald, and daisy all have ~artsy~ overlays here and they’re absolutely perfect. MICKEY IS A PAINTER!!!! donald is a sculptor!!!! daisy is a….. ballerina! minnie is… wearing a cute dress!!! whatever!

my face when donald was almost to our table

all of the characters have a special entrance announcement, something i’ve definitely never seen for fur characters, but it was so perfect! they would saunter in, pose, spin around a little, and then begin the meeting and greeting. there’s also a celebration song (it mentioned birthdays but also just seemed like an excuse to clap so i did) where the four all dance around the restaurant together!

now, to the most important part of this blog post: the price. adults are $41 which includes juice, coffee, the pastries, and your entree. of course, the novelty of drinking at disney has never worn off on me, so we each got a cocktail as well, and then after tip, the whole shebang came to around $140. which to me, is personally…. insane. and i would never do again. but it was fun, and delicious, so i have no regrets! but definitely something to consider if you are a penny pincher like me.

we explored the resort after because i still hadn’t seen the gorgeous mosaics by the skyliner station! they did not disappoint, but this panoramic photo jake tried to take sure did:

thank goodness he’s cute.

i hope y’all enjoyed this little review! i am willing to go to any eatery just for you, whoever is reading this. just give me $20 and send me on my way!