hi there! here with my monthly post (not on purpose, just bad at blogging) and i wanted to share some more shots from this weekend’s dapper days! this season’s event was at hollywood studios on saturday and epcot on sunday, so we took those venues and elevated our looks to go along! we tend to favor concepts over concrete, so saturday was “50s kids ditch prom to go to the drive in” and sunday was 40s western.

i honestly didn’t have a lot of brain power to devote to dapper day this year. i’ve been dealing with a lot of health issues, and all of my free time has been spent trying to figure them out BUT because of this, i decided to wear a reproduction vintage dress for day one instead of true vintage. this is not, ultimately, a big deal. but to me it is!! please be proud of me eschewing my own stupid guidelines in favor of my health!!

on day one, i wore the pinup girl clothing monica in black. i had originally bought a super spicy 50s hat with a veil to go with, but it was only fifty degrees on saturday, so i traded it out for a knit headband from target. god i love target. i also wore a pair of mesh gloves from amazon and my gold heels. i traded out my sheer hose for a pair of dance tights to try to keep warm, and amazingly it worked. somehow i’ve managed to lose all of my clutches and small handbags, so i just rolled with it and wore a gigantic heart purse. don’t judge me!!

we spent some time at the tune in lounge (or dad’s basement, for those ~in the know~) sipping cocktails and warming our fingertips. they make a very good and STRONG tokyo tea there, and i love to revisit it as much as possible. tune in is probably my favorite bar in hollywood studios, followed closely behind by baseline taphouse. they’re both great for different vibes but if i’m already splurging for alcohol in the parks, i usually figure it’s best to spring for the cocktail.

our whole group really went 1000% with this look and i’m so proud and honored to be friends with so many talented and creative folks. this was the first time i coordinated with so many people but everyone was so lovely and helpful to each other and look at the result! worth it!

day two was just as cold as the first, so i kept my headband firmly on my head. this outfit was kind of a hodge podge look, i imagine it as “stable girl” meets “orphan who knows but isn’t annie.” i found this dress in my closet, hidden amongst the many piles of clothing i’ve bought at estate sales (sorry jake) and was instantly enamored with it. the only problem was that it was a size 12, and i am pretty solidly a 14. i might even lean into a 16 if you let me. and it was also covered in orange stains. despite it’s many flaws, i for some reason thought i could transform it, and took it to the tailor to have the waist let out as far as it could go. once i got it back home i dyed it with tan RIT dye, stirring it in the sink like charlie bucket’s mother. the bust still gaped a little but i just safety pinned it and covered it in photos. who cares!! i made it work, tim gunn!!!!!!

we spent our day mostly in the canada pavilion because that’s where we matched, but made a quick stop to the UK pavilion for fries and beer. mm, fries and beer. however, after three hours in the cold we were fully over it and decided to go early to our reservation at trail’s end! trail’s end is the buffet connected to the hoop dee doo revue, located at the fort wilderness resort, so it STILL matched our theme. i guzzled a glass of wine before dinner and then ate my weight in cornbread. it was pure bliss.

here are some pix of my fave cow people (cowfolks? cows?? what are cowboys and girls together??)

i hope y’all enjoyed this little roundup! we’re already cooking ideas for spring and i can’t wait to RU-veal them in just…… six month’s time 😉

love you!