the best month of the year is officially here! october is a month full of apple cider donuts, pumpkin patches, and crunchy leaves… at least, it would be if i didn’t live in florida! here, nothing really changes but sometimes it’s only 90 degrees instead of 100. i thought i would kick the month off with a little outfit post!

even though it’s unlivable outside, i still wanted a taste of fall fashion. i grew up in fuzzy sweaters and corduroy pants, and this ensemble is reflective of that warmth. it’s also kind of giving me a pilgrim/wednesday addams vibe?? you be the judge!

gorgeous velvet dress provided by unique vintage

do you like outfit posts?? should i post more of them? i used to be a constant outfit poster but i’m afraid it gets annoying. let me know in the comments!

i’m visiting my hometown this weekend and i’m excited to get some real autumn magic in these bones!!! i grew up in upstate new york, right on the edge of the adirondack park, so if there’s anywhere i can find fall, it’s there.

love you!