hi there, been a minute! i’ve been so busy lately i feel like my life has been a total whirlwind! i wanted to pop on and tell y’all about my weekend at the 2019 d23 expo!

the d23 expo happens every two years at the anaheim convention center, right down the street from disneyland! i personally think the event has gotten too big for the venue and it’s time to come to orlando, but that’s neither here nor there! jake and i flew into LAX thursday morning and by 2 pm had arrived in anaheim at the howard johnson.

this is the first time i’ve visited disneyland and not crashed with a friend at least part of my visit and lemme tell you, it totally changed my experience. the hojo was so convenient for the park and convention alike, and everyone there was so kind and helpful! if you want to use code LNLR and book with my link you can get 15% off your stay!

as some of you may know, i’ve had an injured ankle for a few months now and healing has been a long, slow process. when i went to mickey’s not so scary halloween party, jake pushed me around in a wheelchair because it was too difficult for me to walk so long, so i was terrified i would be in a similar situation for d23. luckily, i was able to sit down often and pop outside to rest so i was in much better shape! also worth noting is that the last d23 expo in 2017 was the first time i had a severe anxiety attack, so i worried over that as well. luckily, with the help of drugs and the sun, i was able to tamper my anxiety waaaay down. getting medicated is life changing y’all!

after checking into hojo, we walked across the street to disneyland and headed to dca! i got to ride the swings (which i have always wanted to do) with jake and saw pixar pier for the first time!

one of my favorite things to do is try all of the new food and drink offerings every time i visit the theme parks. this is the lucky dragon ipa located at lucky fortune cookery! lotta luck here. so yummy!

the pier was so kitschy cute!! i love all the bright colors and characters everywhere! jake and i have both decided that dante from coco has the same personality as lucy, who we miss as soon as we leave the house.

i was so excited to finally ride the swings! no one will ever go on them with me so i’m glad i was finally able to wrangle my husband into it.

we woke up early on friday since it was the first day of the con! i think we got to the holding area around six thirty am, with the show floor opening at nine. i just popped my headphones in and shut my eyes, and it passed in an instant! i loved looking at all of the cosplays and cool shirts in line around me, and a few followers sent me videos of myself, so i knew it was in good company, haha.

here i am drinking cold brew on the ground!

once the floor opened, i broke away from the group to check out the vintage goods while they went to the first panel of the day. obviously vintage disney merchandise is my passion, but i’m very picky at what i choose to buy! there were a few vendors there i recognized from the last expo, and i loved seeing them again. the majority of the booths were pin sellers, which isn’t my bag, but it was still nice to look!

after that first panel was over, i met back up with the gang and we headed over to the parks pavilion to find out all about epcot’s refurbishments and impending offerings (new rides! new restaurants! new areas!). i know a lot of people were bummed we didn’t get more resort-wide news, but as a certified Epcot Fan, i was psyched!!

saturday was the day i was most excited for at the expo, because there were a few great panels i wanted to check out! the haunted mansion panel and the “-ish” universe panel (discussing blackish, grownish, and mixedish) were my favorites by far.

new tattoo idea?????

tracee is one of my top tier crushes so this was a big moment for me

i honestly think the -ish panel was one of the best of the entire weekend. i looove grownish and blackish is one of my fave shows to put on in the background while i’m doing work because i know it so well. the casts of all three shows were so enigmatic and funny, and you can tell they’re all very close.

i was lucky to have kelsey, a follower of mine, message me that she had a spot in line for me to get into mickey’s of glendale! MOG is one of the huge exclusive stores at the expo and the line was hours long so i was so grateful! thanks again, kelsey!

onto the goods! i definitely dropped the most money here, but i had been saving it for this event so for once i only felt a little bit guilty. they didn’t take any discounts in this store, but everything was priced fairly so it was okay ($20 for a hat, less than $30 for a shirt, and so on). the one thing i couldn’t justify was the $200 epcot pavilion pin set, but i did snag a few individuals (imagination/the land/the seas)!!

i was super happy to see so many familiar faces over the weekend! internet pals, friends from across the country, i feel like every corner i turned there was someone else i knew!

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@sarahsterling / @tiffmink

yes, i wore basically the same outfit every day. it makes me easy to find in a crowd, not unlike what mothers do with their toddlers.

there were plenty of photo op moments around the expo as well, which i took FULL advantage of (and dragged jake to).

i just really love Zombies ok

on day three, jake stayed overnight in the convention center with his best friend to make sure they would get into the parks panel. they arrived at about 12:45 in the morning and the panel wasn’t until 10:30, but the convention was so overcrowded they didn’t want to risk getting shut out. i know this sounds crazy, but the disney studios panel’s lines had filled up at 2 and 4:30, respectively, so it was a very real possibility. i secretly hoped that the presence of marvel and star wars was the reasoning behind that, and thankfully i was correct!

i rocked up at about 6 am and got in the standby line, but luckily i was snatched out of line by friends with a stagepass (basically a fastpass to see a panel) so i didn’t wait the entire standby wait. thanks, pals!!! i won’t bore you with the same details you’ve probably read everywhere else, but i will say that it was the most bizarre panel i went to.

because this year it was also the “consumer products” panel, there was a ton of info about disney’s new partnership with target. they will be putting disney stores inside target stores which must mean the death of the traditional disney store, right???? i don’t know, i’m not raven from disney channel original series that’s so raven!!! anyway, we got $10 target gift cards at the end of it, which is literally free money, so thanks y’all!!

the last thing i want to share is the heroes and villains costume collection! this was one of my favorite parts of the expo, being able to breathe on some of the costumes that have shaped my childhood. NAMELY, brandy cinderella.

did y’all know that whitney was approached to be cinderella, but she requested the role go to brandy, who was already a huge star from her singing career, but acting-wise had only been on moesha?? but she killed it, am i right???? the color blind casting is probably what made this movie so fantastic, and it’s still one of my favorite films to this day. there were so many amazing costumes in this exhibit, but these were definitely my favorite. some more beauties:

y’all know how i feel about new batb but i loved her peasant dress

wait, i have to drop a few of the incredible cosplays i saw! there were too many to count and i never wanted to ask people for photos because i didn’t want to bother them… but i did muster up the courage  and piggybacked on other’s photo moments ? i don’t know any of these folks but if you do, send me their names so i can give them credit!!

mayrel leilani/@mayrel_lani

the next day we headed to disneyland but tbh the day was incredibly stressful and i cried a lot! i lost my wallet somewhere in disneyland, which i found out when they called me while i was AT THE AIRPORT trying to check my bag!!! the good news is i was not detained! the bad news is i had an intimate pat down and didn’t even get a free drink! and i still don’t have my wallet back (though this seems to be the fault of the united states postal service, and i’m happy it was found at all…. but i’m still gonna complain). hopefully soon though!!

unfortunately, my makeup bag was also lost in our travels, and of course it had not only all of my essentials but my “special occasion” makeup, aka the stuff i have to ration for myself otherwise i’ll use so much highlight i’ll look like a disco ball. i’m gonna have to slowly build it all back up but for right now i am very bare faced and very frightened when i catch myself in the mirror. but c’est la vie, you can’t take it with you, yadda yadda. i still had a great weekend! and honestly, if all i lost was my makeup, i’m doing okay! thanks for having us, cali!

love you!