greetings, earthlings! i know it’s been a minute, but life’s been tumultuous as always! i’ve been getting into the halloween spirit of course and i’ve been reminiscing on our costumes from last year. we decided to create costumes to emulate the tommorrowland people that did meet and greets at disneyland in the early 60s. i’m sure you’ve seen them because they are truly the most iconique.

the plan was hatched by myself and my good friend (and constant craft collaborator) brittany.

we basically just dragged our significant others into it, but they were good sports. we get a lot of questions about how we made our costumes, so i thought it might be nice to share a bit of the process! ps: all of the photos of us taken in this post are by shaina ofstein.

the first thing folks notice of course, is our helmets. while we were initally scammed by a sketchy costume site, we eventually found the roundest bubble helmets for around $20 each. they’re not the sturdiest things, but they just snap together up the sides. a few times, a snap or two popped open, but they were easily put right. brittany made the perfect touches to them by spraying the edges with silver spray paint, as well as creating the panels in the middle. they were perfect!


what we wanted so badly was dresses that really reflected our styles. brittany and i are both vintage lovers, but our approaches to in are very different and i think that’s obvious in our looks. it also helps that the original space people who met at disneyland never really nailed down what style they liked, so we had a bunch of different looks to choose from. my dress was a white sixties mini that i painted silver. fun fact, the lining is actually lime green!

both of our bright silver belts were from etsy, and i found our boots at forever 21. we both wore blonde wigs to match, naturally!

as for the boys, they’re both wearing white jumpsuits from amazon, lovingly soaked in silver paint. we had to try a few different types to get the look we wanted, which kiiind of made them crunchy to the point of being almost completely unwearable. sorry, fellas!!!! we love you!!! they also both have silver boot covers on, in lieu of having to paint shoes for them as well. easy and cheap, that’s my motto!

jimmy also had the idea to attach funnels to coke bottles to get the looks for our jetpacks. we originally planned to wear them, but our fabric didn’t want to hold the velcro we attached, and as one fell off, the whole group decided to just carry them.

and then: our breathing tube. we were adamant that we needed them, but had no idea how to recreate the soft movement of fabric ones… and trust me, we tried. desperate, brit and i walked around home depot saying “tube…. tube…. tube” until we found something that was the right size. the problem was, it was an entire roll of pool hose. the only option was to buy the entire thing, so that’s what we “””Had””” to do. i hate us, sometimes. but a little more spray paint, some duct tape, and viola!

i hope this answers the questions y’all have asked about these costumes! i honestly am so, so proud of them, and look back on these photos all the time.

happy halloween!