hiya pals, i know it’s been a hot minute but i’m still trying to get into the swing of the damn thing. i wanted to share some more photos with y’all, this time featuring some gorgeous clothes i was gifted by ains elke stylehaus! she posted a call on instagram for people with my exact measurements to model a skirt, and i replied a few minutes later like a crazy person. the skirt fits me like a glove and makes my butt look amazing, and the wrap shirt is the perfect complement. she also included a little wand enamel pin and a set of earrings so i was D-E-C-K-E-D.

i reached out to my gorgeous friend shaina to shoot them, because i’m in love with her clear and bright approach. we had so much fun gossiping and chatting, i almost forgot i was there to take photos. but eventually, we got around to it, and i’m in love with the result. i’m here to give you that little red meets hallo-housewife with a dash of the sultry vixen i’m always secretly trying to be.

 i hope y’all love these shots as much as i do!!! have a happy and safe hallo-weekend and always remember to check your candy 😉