hello!!! i am writing to you from my couch in new york, where i am nestled in a cocoon of blankets with a large bag containing $25 worth of christmas candy next to me, living the high life (literally though because i am on top of a mountain)??? i’m overjoyed to be home. as you might have been able to tell from my last post, i was getting pretty melancholy in florida. it was time to come home. frankly, it’s been time to come home.

i haven’t gone back to my job at the grocery store yet, but they said that all i have to do is call. christmas is soon, and after that, i’m taking an american history course that meets monday-friday from 9-1 for three weeks until the spring semester starts. but it’s something i’ve got to do, since i’ve realized recently that i probably need to get off my butt and actually try to graduate. it just feels pathetic telling people i go to community college and not even being able to tell them when i get to stop doing that. my mother always tells me that i need to stop trying to make myself adhere to someone else’s timeline. i should listen to her.

i drove from florida to new york with my grandpa chuck, who graciously took a picture of me with nearly every state sign we passed by. we stopped in washington d.c. for a day and went to the smithsonian museum of natural history (and also the american history museum, but virtually half of it was under construction so we learned about presidents and trains and i broke a piece of the bus when my grandpa wasn’t looking so i had to shove it back into the wall. sorry, america!). i haven’t gotten around to uploading most of the pictures from the trip but i do have my state sign photos! they have some very hip filters on them as well so you can feel that 60’s road trip charm.

xx, kaylyn