you asked, i listened! we had to travel to the west coast for a wedding so i decided to make it extremely complicated and work in a disneyland trip! i’ll do anything for disneyland! we were able to stay with friends (shoutout andrew and lizzard) and the flights were cheap enough so we went for it!

our first day in california we saw some of jake’s family in the morning and then went antiquing in orange in the afternoon. lots of dust and LOTS of disney memorabilia… for a price. but fun to look at!

very excited for these cups to come back for wdw’s 50th!!
the coolest goof

the next day we got up before dawn to go to the rose bowl flea market. it was $20 to get in but i think what we got was worth the entry fee! there were hundreds of booths and we didn’t even see whole sections of vendors!! i did see a few people on roller skates and i feel like that’s the best way to go.

tiff called me over to these and said they had big kyle energy and she was right.
so much cute kids clothing!!

after a few hours we left the flea and went to universal studios hollywood! i’ve been once before (did i blog that trip?) but only for horror nights so i was excited to see the park during the day!


immediately after entering the gates we encountered hello kitty dressed as the bride of frankenstein. and everyone was just walking by??? this is not normal, people!!! why doesn’t florida get halloween overlays?? whatever, amazing! we also encountered beetlejuice just wandering around…

then we found a FRANKENSTEIN MINION!!

we rode their new secret life of pets ride, which was extremely cute, and saw waterworld, a stunt show that rocked my world. we also did the tram tour, which i tried desperately not to fall asleep on. andrew did fall asleep.

at the end of the day, we got in n out. 😍

we woke up the next day and snagged boarding group for web slingers, the new spider-man ride at california adventure. our group number was low so we went there first thing! i took a shortcut through the gift shop, of course.

this one came home

the ride was so fun! and tiring! i loved it!

we doubled back so jake could get coffee, which is when i saw GHOST GOOFY!!! i got a strawberry smoothie from schmoozies, and it was so so good.

we headed back into avenger’s campus, where iron man just strolled up to talk to me. i love you, tony.

missed out on the shawarma this time but the stand was too cute!

we had a lovely lunch at lamplight lounge, although much to my dismay, the green ghost pepper halloween nachos i had seen online we’re only available upstairs and not downstairs! i share this information so you do not make my mistake. the lobster nachos were great, but i needed help finishing them!

we worked our way around dca and saw friends and rode rides and drank beer! truly blissful!

we really enjoyed the disney+ photo ops, haha.

we grabbed more drinks from pym’s tasting lab and watched the guardians of the galaxy dance around before we went on monsters after dark, which is mission breakout’s halloween overlay!

we almost fell into this PIT before we watched the doctor strange show, which was incredible! i tried really hard not to be spoiled before we visited so i was surprised and delighted at its contents!

as the night grew dim, we hopped over to disneyland!

we went directly to jolly holiday for grilled cheese and tomato soup, and from our table there we watched halloween screams, their (wind permitting) fireworks show that resembled hallowishes just the right amount (a lot).

i ate a perfect churro in the line for it’s a small world. disneyland’s is the superior version, of course.

after a spin on the teacups and the adorable new snow white ride, we trekked back home to do it all again the next day.

the next morning we headed into disneyland and for a while we just walked around looking for characters. to my amazement, we saw the cheshire cat out with alice, which i knew had been happening, but i was sure i wouldn’t catch.

this is my “i can’t believe i didn’t have to go to france for this” face

the characters were all behind some sort of barrier, which i loved! interactions were still sweet and personal, but the characters have room to play.

there were so many more! i also took all this time in the princess area to get a cheddar garlic bagel twist (recommended to me by the good people of instagram) and a boysen apple freeze.

of course, immediately after this snack we hopped over to dca for lunch and another round of web slingers! we went to pym’s test kitchen and i got the giant pretzel with beer cheese. the pingo doce, which is the signature soda of the restaurant, was out. i drank a cactus cooler i had brought in my purse. do NOT judge me i only had a few days to get through a 12 pack!!

hi andrew

after more character watching in avengers campus (they’re all there! just hanging out!!!!) we hopped back to disneyland for the evening. i kept snacking!!!

blurry bengal bbq

we stopped for beignets before closing out the night with haunted mansion holiday. i love haunted mansion so much on a regular day, but holiday is even more fun!

the next day, we woke up and i realized i had wildly misread our flight information and we needed to leave immediately for the airport! so, all in all, a great time, and a fast time! i’m especially grateful to our friends for helping make this happen, and for guiding us into having truly the most stellar time. i can’t wait to go back already!!!

love you! k