it’s come to my attention that it’s actually okay to talk about your wedding day ad nauseam, so i think it’s time to start. it truly took a village to make this wedding happen. all of the women in my life really came together and helped make it the event it was. my maid of honor and best friend elias listened to me whine and cry every single day, constantly taking care of whatever little thing sent me into a spiral. my aunt elizabeth stayed up arranging flowers for the entire night before the ceremony, and still boogied down at the reception! so many of my friends and family reached out to lend a hand in any way they could, and i am so grateful.

mostly, i just want to thank my mom. my mother not only emotionally but financially supported the entire thing. without her, the wedding just wouldn’t have happened. the marriage, sure! but the wedding closet at city hall looks personally very scary and not at all romantic. i was never one to dream about weddings as a child (i was more into planning disney vacations i would never take) but i had a few ideas and really ran with them. she encouraged me to express my creativity and romanticism with the event design and truly allowed it to flourish. thanks mama!

special attention should also be given to my bridesfolk. beautiful, giving faces that i have found at different times of my life, all together, with me? that’s heaven. honestly, can we just redo this day over and over again so we can hang out all day long? eating my grandmother’s cookies and dancing to our favorite songs is how i want to spend every day, forever.

i want to be able to walk y’all through the day but it’s all a hot mystery! my arrival plans went awry and we drove almost all the way to the venue before realizing i had forgotten my wedding ring. almost equally important, i forgot the huge bottle of champagne i had been chilling for a mimosa moment with my bridal party. i ended up going to walgreens by myself while ellie did everyone’s hair and acquiring new champs and orange juice, which is the point where i threw my wallet in the bag, only for it to be thrown in the garbage by the venue staff later! but enough about that! look at this business that was next to the walgreens!

is it too late to change venues, i wondered?

our whole day-of timeline had been bumped around by my excessive lateness, so everything felt like a scramble. even sitting down felt like a scramble?! i started to get nervous, for some reason (what if jake doesn’t like my dress? what if he smells like farts and i have to tell him??). i forgot all of the specific photos of my bridal party i wanted to take (class portraits!! solos with me!!). the dj showed up about fifteen minutes before the ceremony was supposed to begin (and didn’t know it was a problem!!!), but everything, of course, worked out.

i ended up not being as hands on as i wanted to be in the set up of the day. by the time i calmed myself down and got myself together, it was time to put the dress on and take all of these gorgeous photos. i didn’t actually get to see our set up until the reception!! but even though it was dark, i could tell it looked incredible. vintage books, low burning candles, pears. decadence!!

my dad surprised me morning of with this gorgeous moon backdrop. to be honest, i was so overwhelmed seeing it in his van that i just shut down completely and couldn’t even look at it. i had planned every detail down to the minute and he had told me months ago that he wasn’t going to make it! i couldn’t handle any surprises!!!! WHAT ABOUT MY PLAN?! but it was such a special touch to have at the reception, and when we finally have our own house, i can’t wait to give it a prized spot. just look at these shots.

i can’t wait to see more and i can’t wait to share the ceremony with y’all. it was so beautiful and intimate, and perfectly us. this is love, baby!! xx, k.

all fancy photos in this post were taken by the incredible madeline barr.