i got this really excellent sweater recently, and i have basically been waiting to wear it out since it arrived. to preface, i do a lot of late night ebay hunting, and this is one of my spoils of war. a lot of folks ask how i find specific items, and most of the time, it’s simply luck. being on the internet at the right time can be all it takes to find the perfect piece! i also have some favorite keywords that i plug in on every resale site or app i use, and by tracking them i see every new item for sale.

when i found this sweater, i knew it was gold. so rarely do i find a novelty disney sweater that’s actually made for an adult!! not only that, but it wasn’t $110?! instant purchase. i watched 101 dalmatians countless times as a child, and i think the sequence of the dogs who looked like their owners is permanently burned into my brain. i want that to be my life!!! are lucy and i twins yet?!

i want to get back into the swing of blogging, because i hear y’all like it! i figured a good old whatiworetoday2, ootd, livejournal photoshoot was what i needed. and i’m gonna keep doing it! get ready to tell me i need a pop of color… and no, i’m not going to accessorize.

sweater: vintage disney via ebay
striped shirt: ill fitting h&m, doesn’t even button
beret: also ebay
i’m wearing some basic black leggings & eight eye docs, like i do with every single outfit i wear. thanks for playing!!

xx, k.