hey y’all!

one of the things i value most in posts is authenticity. i strive to be as honest and transparent as possible with my online presence, and i think i do a pretty good job keeping it real. with that in mind, i wanted to share the collaboration i’m doing with precept wine!

earlier this month, they sent me two different wines to sample, and i had a blast taking pictures and pretending that i drink wine slowly and “savor it,” whatever that means. the first wine was “the expedition sauvignon blanc” by canoe ridge. i went with a more pacific northwest vibe for these pix by taking them at disney’s wilderness lodge! it was a super crisp and sweet and perfect for a breezy overcast afternoon.

the second wine i was gifted was house wine’s boxed cabernet sauvignon. and listen… i drink a lot of boxed wine, and i’ve never had a boxed wine as bodied and flavorful as this one. the best wines to me are the ones i can describe as dinner, and this one falls into that category.

taking these pictures reminded me how much i love being able to flex my creative muscles. i don’t really identify as a “content creator,” because i think it’s a total nonsense phrase, but the act in itself is pretty great. hopefully this is indicative of good things to come.

these wines were gifted to me but all of my opinions are my own! thanks precept! #AD