the most common questions i get on my posts are all about my makeup! i use a mix of drugstore and prestige brands, but i do pretty much the same routine every day. if i ever crawl out of the box for a look, it’s usually just for eyeshadow, which i still don’t even know how to apply at twenty five years old. so i’m gonna break down the makeup i use daily, where i get it from, and why i like it. i’ve been a long time user of almost all of these brands, so it’s what i’m comfortable with and know works.

disclaimer: i wash my face and moisturize before doing my makeup, but i would classify that more under skincare, so i didn’t include it!

foundation: mac matchmaster 1.0.

i used to use studio fix, but this shade matches my skin tone better. i like it because it goes on smoothly and it’s one of the only foundations that actually covers my skin evenly. a lot of people rag on me for using mac, calling it “clown makeup,” but when you struggle with rosacea like i have, you’ll do anything to cover it up! i usually cover my whole face, and then double up on my cheeks and chin, where my rosacea is the worst. it takes a few minutes for the shade to oxidize, so i look a little silly while i put the rest of my face on, but by the time i’ve finished, it’s perfect!

contour palette: elf contour palette in light/medium

this is my go-to contour. it’s only $6 at target, and it lasts ages. i use the lighter brown shade only, under my cheekbones, and then use the two lighter colors to do a base highlight on my nose and brow bone. fun fact: i usually pass my contour palettes on to my mom when i’m done with them because her skin tone is darker than mine. she uses the shades i can’t, haha!

highlighter: loreal true match lumi powder glow illuminator in “rose”

i love this little square. it comes in three different styles, but i usually stay with the rose. i’ve tried the ice as well and it’s great for night looks but a little cold looking for daily wear. i use the main two triangles for my cheekbones and then go over what i did with the elf contour palette. there’s a teeny blush triangle as well that i sometimes blend into the bottom of my highlight.

eyebrows: nyx auto eyebrow pencil in taupe

i’m gonna be honest… i’m still on the hunt for the perfect brow products. i know the secret is probably to use gel, but i’m not an artist!!! i stick with pencils because it’s what i know. my hair color is also really hard to match, and the nyx pencil is the closest i’ve ever come. i smooth my brows down with a primer and then slowly fill in my brows from tip to tail. i get flak for my brow shapes sometimes, but i’m fully in the camp that makeup should be fun, and i love having big strong brows! especially since my real brows are non-existent.

mascara: covergirl lashblast volume in blackest black

this is my holy grail product. sometimes i get curious and try new brands or new covergirl formulas, but i always come back to this one. this little orange tube has been a part of my makeup bag since high school, when all i did was cover my zits and put pencil liner in my water line… yikes. i don’t know what else to say other than: go buy this. it’s smooth and slick and makes your lashes look 800x longer than they truly are. you deserve that.

powder: covergirl clean matte pressed powder in classic ivory

this is just a basic powder that i used to buff out all of the nonsense i put on my face. it blends the contour and highlight in better, and hides the cracks in my foundation that start appearing after i’ve melted for hours in 105 degree weather. i have one of these compacts in almost all of my purses, just in case i forget it.

i top it all off with the matte magic elf setting spray! i used to use urban decay all nighter, but i think elf’s is better, and it’s only $4. mama can’t be buying prestige WATER. does this even work? does it help? who knows, but i feel better when i don’t forget it.

bonus: these are my three most-used lip products. they’re all too faced melted mattes! these three shades are “sell out,” “it’s happening,” and “lady balls.” i haven’t found a liquid formula as bold as this one, and it actually dries and stays on so i can smooch 😉

that’s my whole bag! looking at it all laid out, it seems like a lot of steps, but i usually do my makeup lazily while watching a full episode of law and order, so i don’t stress over it. let me know if you try or already use any of these products!