it’s the mooooost wonderful time(s) of the year! dapper day!

dapper day, for those who aren’t aware, is a day when disney and fashion lovers alike converge in a chosen park, dressed to the nines, to hobnob and bond over their favorite things. for me personally, i interpret it as a vintage fashion occasion, and i always put my party dress on.
i’ve definitely been going through a sixties/seventies thing for the past few months, so i decided to take that into account with creating my spring look. i wanted to do florals (i know, groundbreaking) but not in a cutesy fifties way! i didn’t know exactly what i wanted, but i had a mood in mind.
the dress i found for saturday i stalked on whurl for months before finally biting the bullet and buying it. i had never used the app before, only window shopped, but my first purchase ended up being from the creater herself, sam! i follow her on insta as well so i knew the dress was coming from good hands. my sunday dress was a last minute etsy find four days before dapper!! i also ordered jake’s clothing (a vintage top and asos pants) the week of. this is why i feel bad when folks ask me where i get my outfits from, because it’s a mystery to me all the way until it happens!
we rolled into both days in the early afternoon, ready to party into the evening with our favorite folks. my best friend ellie was also visiting, so just imagine that in between every photo i am squeezing her sooo tight.

i really, really enjoyed putting jake’s outfit together. i love dressing other people and finding what works well for their body and mind! j was super easy going as far as what he wanted to wear, as long as he matched me ? what a good man! i decided to give him a tropical vibe, a sort of analogous look to mine without it looking like we were wearing identical outfits.
day two got off to an exceptionally late start, but we didn’t totally mind, because we planned on drinking the night away at disney’s boardwalk resort bar! we’ve all been loving the addition of an epcot day to the event, because a) there’s alcohol there but b) epcot is just sooo much more chill than magic kingdom! the flower and garden festival was in full swing as well, so epcot was had about 100x the beauty of a regular day. thank you, dapper!
epcot also includes a built in friend finder: the world showcase! future world is pretty decrepit to begin with, and doesn’t lend itself well to socialization, so it’s almost guaranteed that all of your buds will be walking somewhere mexico and canada (the bookends of the world, obviously). i loved seeing so many beautiful faces along our stroll, and even got to meet some internet homies! best day ever.

we spent most of the day meandering through the back of the showcase, sipping sangria in italy and sake in japan. we met up with the friends we’d missed throughout the day at the belle vue lounge, and after much moonshine, jake drove us home and put me to bed. in my dress. when will your fave!  i’m already brainstorming fall color palettes, and i’d love to hear your ideas! have you been to dapper day before? will i see you in the fall?
xx, k