a few weeks ago i had time to visit one of my favorite local spots, the massachusetts museum of contemporary art (or mass moca, as us ~cools~ call it). it’s less than two hours away from where i grew up so it was probably my first big exposure to art, and so i hold it very close to me. this past year i was able to get a season pass, but i usually end up going alone because i don’t have many friends around here, and the one i do have are busy. i don’t mind doing things alone, but mass moca is one big photo opportunity so i have secretly yearned for some sick selfies. luckily, this time, i was able to bring my instagram boyfriend!!! and so i give you, my personally long-awaited shots:

specifically, sol lewitt’s wall drawings are my most vivid memories, and they’ll remain on show for at least another decade. if i had a baby i would take pictures of it growing with my favorite wall drawing!!!! alas… not a good enough reason to have a baby.



i also brought along this purse i won from @garbagehumans on instagram! they made all these sweet pins and i was so happy i was the chosen one. the polly pocket even opens to reveal a perfect depiction of the toy?? cool as hell.


and of course, nick cave’s “until” remains one of my favorite pieces. i’m glad i got to see it one more time before moving away!


caught ‘grammin
we also discovered that the bus stops in north adams are sick as heck?! who cares about the bus, i’d rather miss all of my appointments and hang here all day!
they also come with built in photo filters…


at the end of the day we ate some real-new-york-in-massachusetts pizza and i drove us home to binge watch ‘the real housewives of new jersey.’ trading one type of art for another, i’d say. anyway, if you have a chance to visit mass moca, take it. with their new expansion they’re now the largest contemporary art museum in the country, and building six is equally as incredible as everything you saw here… but there are no photos allowed, so you gotta see it in person! happy trails, kids.