i’m deep in the mariana trench that is finals week, counting the days until i put all of my crap in my car and head south. i’m stressed out and anxious, being crushed under all of my final exams and projects and really, all i want to do is watch a few more episodes of bones before i go to sleep. i also have no clue as to how i’m going to fit everything i own into one car (especially since i haven’t started packing yet, eep). isn’t there a charm that arthur weasley puts on the car so all of their trunks fit in it? can he do that to mine??

in happy news, i’m going to a supernatural convention in new jersey on saturday! i’m meeting up with a good friend and we’ve already made plans to get lunch at mcdonald’s so really, what more can i ask for in life? i also recently sold my old nikon d60 and yesterday i received my new baby, the d5100, and i’m obsessed with it. it takes video! i don’t understand how i had a dslr that didn’t have video, but nevertheless, expect lots of florida montages.

today i have to go to the dentist so he can look at one tooth that has the possibility of becoming a cavity but isn’t one yet. i’ve only had one cavity in my life and i don’t plan on getting another one, so as much as i dread having someone else’s hands in my mouth, i’m excited to get it over with.

eleven days left!!!! aaaaahhhh!