anyone who knows me knows that i love holidays. i think this blog has been more occasional than anything else, so even strangers might have gathered it by now. but i only get one day a year to hit on everyone i’ve ever crushed on, so i’m going to find ryan gosling’s address and send him my ear. isn’t that what you give to people you like? or should i send my heart instead? there’s gotta be an app for this.

last week i got a new tattoo. it’s not totally done but my leg was swollen like a grapefruit so i’m going to get some red in the heart at a later point in my life. but i thought it was pretty appropriate for the holiday.

sorry dad.

i don’t work this weekend so i’m hoping that tristan and i will be able to see each other but if not i’ll just try to send a succulent through the mail or something. the joys of a consistently long distance relationship! can you sense the excitement in my voice? no? weird.

here’s some valenspiration for you. i even made a playlist! so who’s gonna be my valentine?