Wednesday, October 31, 2012


today is my favorite day of the entire year, halloween! i care more about halloween than i do about my own birthday. luckily, here in disney world we've been celebrating halloween since september! i went to three halloween parties at magic kingdom; once with just my friends, once with my dad and friends, and once with my mom. of course, i had to dress differently for every party.

"""casual""" merida:

peter pan:


and my fave (also the easiest because it's my life!), the queen of halloween:

other halloween things i have been up to:

-i saw paranorman with my friend amanda way back in september. it was a beautiful movie, and it was unexpectedly deep and made me tear up in public.

-i met jack and sally at downtown disney! they never meet in disney world, only disneyland, so it was a big deal.

familial traits

-i saw hotel transylvania with my dad, which looked horrible and ended up being mega enjoyable. no paranorman, for sure, but funny and cute and it ended with a musical number. it was a good papa/daughter movie.

-and most importantly, i ate bags upon bags of these babies

and now i gotta go rest up, because tomorrow (today) i've got to get my spook on. miraculously, i wasn't scheduled to work. cosmic sign??? probably. ask madame leota.


  1. Enjoy the holiday! Fine photos. You seem to be having a great life.

  2. So great to read of your Halloween Adventures. And the pics. Magnificent and.....spooky. John is enjoying playing his spooky music tonight and greeting the trick or treaters dressed as Bob Marley. Love you. PopPop