Monday, March 26, 2012

family bonding

This past Thursday (the day after my audition) Grammie, Pop Pop and John all came to visit me. They got up early and picked me up at my apartment around 9:30. We started out our day at Epcot. I had gotten Mickey ears embroidered for my grandparents and a Goofy hat for John so it made for a lot of really cute photos.

The first thing we did was grab Fastpasses for Test Track, which is a ride in which you assume the position of a test dummy as your car is run through diagnostics tests (brake checks, temperature changes, etc.). It's a really fun ride that they've been trying to do for a while, and the window is rapidly closing because it's about to go down for a long refurbishment to change the storyline of the ride. So this was their last chance! After we got our passes, we headed over to The Seas pavilion. I haven't actually visited The Seas since I was about six, so I barely remembered it. It was only an aquarium when I last saw it, but now the entire building has a Finding Nemo theme, with an adorable ride you take in a clam shell and an interactive show about turtles with Crush (don't call him Mr. Turtle). But we didn't see Crush because there were MANATEES there. I think at this point we all know how much I love manatees, so I almost had to abandon my family and jump into the tank. There were also a bunch of huge, happy dolphins swimming around upside down, and seahorses, and clown fish and lots of other adorable sea creatures. I think I found my new favorite spot on property, and it was pretty cool to experience something for the first time with family.

I also snapped this picture of myself in the mirror, don't I look beautiful?
After we went under the sea, we went on the Journey Into Imagination ride, which (though it has been stripped of much of it's former glory) was cute and fun. After that, we played in the ImageWorks lab and made our own Figments of our imagination. We also watched Captain EO, an old Micheal Jackson attraction that was brought back and is probably about to disappear again. I looove Captain EO, so I was really happy when everyone else did too. The Flower and Garden Festivalis in full swing by now, so there are beautiful topiaries everywhere, and we also found the butterfly house!

On our way out, we rode Test Track before hopping on Spaceship Earth, the ride inside the iconic geodesic dome. We left property to have lunch because we didn't want to pay a hundred million dollars so we went to my favorite place in the whole world: Pizza Hut. We finished off two pizzas and about eighteen drinks before we drove to Magic Kingdom, my home park <3 <3 <3 where I could really strut my stuff.

We rode the carousel first thing, something that my grandpa and I have always done together. For once, the ride wasn't three hours long, so we hopped right on. After the carousel, we ran into about eighteen people I knew before I showed them all of the shops I work in. I guess it was a good day to play in the park!

We watched Philarmagic and upon leaving, tragedy struck. My grandma's ankle was really hurting her, and then that started bothering her hip, and she needed a wheelchair. We were sent to two different places before we finally just headed to the front of the park, where we got a wheelchair that turned out to be broken, once we got Grammie into it. I don't know why it was such an ordeal, since there are supposed to be wheelchairs in a bunch of different shops and at First Aid and basically everywhere, but there weren't any. We rode The Haunted Mansion, which is doubly spooky now that it's been refurbished, and then I practically assaulted a manager when I spotted him so we could find the nearest working wheelchair. After finally acquiring one, we rode Pirates of the Caribbean and then headed to the castle to grab a spot for the Main Street Electrical Parade, The Magic, The Memories, and You! show and then Wishes, the fireworks. It all happens within the span of an hour, so we got there about 45 minutes in advance and then ate the best ice cream of my life as we waited.

It was a great day, and it's always really special to introduce parts of Disney for the first time. The magic feels greater when you're looking at it through someone else's eyes.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WDW 24/7

I've been really sick for the past four days. I went to the store bought twenty dollars worth of vitamins and decongestants, but nothing helps. I can't really sleep here because we're on the sunrise side and the blinds suck, so at seven thirty a.m. every morning I wake up when the sun burns my eyes open. Because of that and my work schedule, I haven't really been able to recuperate. So I'm just ignoring it!

Yesterday Devin and I went to Cast Connection/Property Control again, this time looking for the "One More Disney Day" merchandise that was released on and only for Leap Day. We were actually there on the 29th, but all the shirts they had left were in XL or XXL, and the hats were ugly, so we said "Forget it," and left. They didn't have any of the OMDD stuff, but they did have lots of cheap ear hats! There's a lot of digging involved when you go to Property Control, because everything is damaged. Most of the hats have one or two names stitched names on them, or are a little dirty, or something. Not everything is drastically damaged though, and I found another three hats to add the my growing pile (I bought four last time). I want to send some hats to my cousins, but I might just wait until my grandparents are going home and just send it with them instead of paying the probably $20 it will cost via USPS.

Here are some pictures of us on Leap Day! Magic Kingdom and Disneyland were both open for 24 hours, so it was a "Very Big Deal" to a lot of people to be there. We left at about 9 PM since we had both worked the day before (Devin even worked that day) and had to work the next day. It turned out to be an excellent idea, because it seems that every single person on the College Program was on their way into the park when we were leaving. It got pretty rowdy, so I'm glad when we left when we did.


If you look closely, you can see my crazy eyes.
 After Cast Connection yesterday, we went to Epcot. I hadn't been there since we got here, and Devin had NEVER BEEN. The Flower and Garden festival was about to start, so there were a lot of cool topiaries and flower displays around. It was pretty busy but we had time to go around the world (we stopped in Japan and ate some delicious Koala cookies) and into Space. Twice. So it was a pretty productive day.


Giant Norwegian troll

 Today all of my roommates and I went to see The Lorax! I really enjoyed it, especially the adorable Barbaloots. And now I'm skint, so I won't be doing anything else for a long time. I won't really have the time anyway, since I'm working until 4:15 a.m. on Sunday, and 2:30-1:30 the rest of the week. Hooray! At least I work night shifts all week, so I'll be able to sleep during the day. I'm also working 48 hours, so I get eight hours of overtime pay. I might die, but at least I'll have forty extra dollars.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

the cleanest apartment in all the land

Just kidding, our apartment wasn't really that clean. The dudes who lived here before us left a lot of nice gifts, like burned grease stains on the counter and a disgusting refrigerator and a dirty shower. But did we let that stop us from getting the White Glove award? Kind of. We were too tired to really scrub the apartment top to bottom like it really needs, but I wiped down counters and mirrors and we put all of our clutter out of sight (under the bed, in the drawers, wherever it would fit). And....we got it! The White Glove award consists of several things. A letter congratulating us on not being slobs, a card saying "Thank You!" for not being slobs, and FREE CHOCOLATE. Who knew that all I had to do to get free Ferrero Rocher was sell my soul to Disney?